I have long wondered what the effects would be if I cut things out of my day that weren’t essential, or even really productive. Certain websites and activities have, historically, sucked up a bunch of my time and generally have not provided me anything positive. I was watching a video on programming on Saturday before going out to start working, and the guy had to insert his political thoughts into the video even though it wasn’t warranted what-so-ever. It was at that point I really started questioning what the fuck I was doing anyway.

I thought about it for a while and figured that I could just drop the DNS for youtube and some other sites right on my local DNS server. My kids and my wife like to watch youtube on occasion, and there are certainly times where there are useful videos I would like to be able to watch. That won’t work.

I think that in the end I just have to do this myself. I can certainly block a few websites that I don’t want to visit anymore, but youtube has basically been my primary time-sink. If I can just fill my time with more productive activities I think I will be alright.