After months of waiting and arguing with the manufacture, I received my new treadmill. The previous ones literally burnt out the motor, sometimes on the first walking session. On this one, I decided to install a fan system to pforcibly shove air through the extrememly undercooled motor in order to make this one last longer. I cut out a side-panel on the unit, then I saw a piece of metal behind that. Ok, I can do this.

I switched blades on my oscilating tool and went to work. I got through that one as well, eventually. Then there was another layer of metal. Great. I started going through that, but that one was much thicker.

So it happens that the frame of this thing is not like tubular like you would expect, but more like a bathtub. So going the fan route won’t work. I tried drilling through it and got through, but ended up breaking the mounts for the circuit board that makes it all work.

I am going to try and remount that board, and am going to just leave the top off of the unit and figure out some way to mount the display (I wouldn’t bother, except the only want to stop/start/adjust is with a remote control, and the IR sensor is on that panel. Leaving the top exposed means I have to permanently stand it up when I’m not using it as the dogs will surely P on it if not. Hopefully, leaving it open to the air will allow more air go through the motor and let it last longer. I can’t imaging this thing is meant to die this quickly.