I have A LOT of email addresses. I have addresses for business, personal, spam, you name it. Each of them is important in some way. My Steam account is tied to one. I get server alerts on another. User login alerts on another. What all of this boils down to is a lot of emails I have to quickly browse and mark as read each day, or everything goes to hell.

This is doubly hard on weekends where I am not planted in front of my computer for the whole day. I get back to my desk on Monday and the numbers have ticked up significantly, causing a weird sadness in my soul. Sure, I could just ctrl-a and mark them all as read, but is that really the answer? Cruising through them I see the usual alerts, but I also see a couple of requests that I would have otherwise missed. Glad I didn’t try and shortcut it.

The point I am making here is, when you get this embedded in a technology it is difficult at best to just drop it, or even really keep it under control. The same can be said for things like Twitter and Facebook, which literally have psychologists on staff to try and figure out ways to keep you on their platform and browsing content as long as possible. Breaking away from that stuff can and is hard, but if you really have the desire you can do it.

Also, don’t just fill your time with some other bullshit. There has to be something better to do with yourself than look at cat pictures and shit.