There are certainly several times in my life where, for whatever reason, I’ve just gotten it done. No matter how many times I bitch about not being motivated here, that is not always the case. I spent most of yesterday working on a web site and also trying to finish this book: Fountains of Paradise. It is tangentially connected to the book I am “writing”, so i thought I would give it a look-see. Turns out it is written WAY more competently than anything I have ever produced, which kind of has a negative affect on my confidence as a writer.

That aside, I feel like yesterday was productive. I didn’t get out of the house like I wanted, and I didn’t exercise, but I was busy all day and didn’t feel like I was being a lazy or missing out on stuff. Hopefully that can continue into today as well, as I have a lot of stuff I want to get done before the weekend.

Like that little browser tab I’ve had open for 6 months or so, detailing how to migrate Exchange 2010 public folders to Exchange 2016. I keep telling myself that I am scared of data loss so I don’t do it, but the reality is I could probably just recreate and repopulate all of that shit from scratch if I really needed to. It’s not THAT much info, and I think (not 100%) that as an admin I can export the public folder data one at a time to a PST, which might then be able to be re-imported into Exchange 2016 the same way after creating new public folders.

I actually hadn’t even thought about that before, so that is yet another reason I need to get off my ass and get this done.