I feel like I spent all day busy, but didn’t get anything at all done. It is like that fairly often these days. I have a humungous todo list, but no drive or energy to go through it. It’s really all I can do to work on the physical projects I have on the weekends any more. I just don’t wnat to do anything.

Even with this fucking timebomb looming over my head with Virtuozzo. I’d almost rather see it just grenade into obscurity then face the reality. There are almost an innumerable amount of small items that must be completed in order to see this project ahead, but it seems like I am incapable of focusing on a single one. I think this is why I never wanted to do something like this alone, but it seems that anyone I know that would be technically able to work on this with me is uninterested.

I know the best people can just jump into something and get it done no matter one. I’ve come to terms over the years that it is certainly not descriptive of me, yet I have the capability to do all of these things. Just not the desire.

I’ve started on another “diet” this week, the only type that has ever really worked for me. Maybe trying to get a little healthier will help me gain more of an appetite for getting these things done.

It would also probably help if I didn’t put everything off until the last minute so it all piles up. Keeping a more manageable workload would probably do wonders for my productivity.