I’ve been hovering around the Kiwi Farms forum for sometime now, and there is always this question I have in the back of my mind: Why do these people keep acting like this?

I won’t bother to name anyone specifically for fear of drawing untoward attention toward this, but there is this one guy I watch on there who seems to be a fairly competent author, at least insofar that his books don’t immediately get shit on by critics. I am considering purching one of his books used because it looks very interesting, and I don’t want to directly contribute to his wallet or his numbers.

But this guy literally cannot help but feed the people on twitter and facebook that talk shit about him. It’s like he compulsively must respond to every detractor ever, and this includes brand new accounts created just to scream at him?. It is fascinating, and probably would make a great study for someone working toward a psychology degree. If this guy would just ignore them and go about his business I have no doubt he could just be a normal guy doing normal shit. Instead, he insists on trying to “own” people and blaming shit on Trump, while defending his honor on twitter constantly.