Another weekend has gone by and another project has been attempted. This weekend I was able to finish up the roof of the front porch and brace the underside of the deck, so now it feels more like a finished product. I still need to put up the rails, finish the stairs, and stain it whatever color my wife wants, but progress is definitely being made.

I also ventured into working on the door for the chicken house a bit. I finsihed cutting the back-half of the 2x4 frame off of the back, effectively making it a 2x2 frame. I took it down to the house and tried to mount it up, but it just didn’t fit right. Rather than trying to plane it down or something I just pulled it all apart and rebuilt it just using 1x2’s and insetting the frame a little bit. I also made the external frame/trim stuff overlap the edge of the door a bit to create a little bit of a seal around the edges. That way the door will not allow wind through the front as bad and will hopefully keep the house a little warmer in the winter.

I’m probably going to have to get some more wood to finish that up, but that project is also coming along well. I know that one day I will have all of these things done, but it doesn’t feel like it will happen soon enough. I still have a bunch of work on the porch to do, and I still want to at least partially box in the carport in the back to keep that a little nicer inside. Seems like there is never enough time in the day.