It’s not, really, just the whole getting into a routine so that I can begin to finish at least some of the books I’ve started. I will say that when I had to get tires put on my truck and I took a book with me, that was probably one of the best reading sessions I’ve ever had. No distractions, no one from work calling, no computer to suddenly go look something up. That is really the way to do it.

That is probably why authors, even those who live in the middle of fuck all, have a secluded cabin/shed/whatever on their property that they can go out to. It apparently barely has electricity, sometimes not even that, and they can just go there and write and think and not be bothered by anything. No distractions sounds like a damn good idea.

I don’t know that I will ever get to the point where I have a writing spot like that, but I guess anything is possible. Just have to get in the habit before trying to commit to anything like that. I have a tendency to be interested in something and just go balls out on it without considering the consequences or if I will even use that thing I am so interested in. That is why I have TONS of technical and instructional books that I’ve never opened. That is also why I “own” a shitload of domains for business I was/am interested in, but never officially started.

Maybe one day.