I’ve been working this week on the front porch. Last weekend I got the trusses built, installed, and the roof sheathing on. I’ve been working at getting shingles on the roof for the past couple of days now, usually starting at 8PM when I get off and usually going for about 45 minutes or so until I can’t see to keep them reasonably straight anymore. I tried on Monday to go up during the day, but it is HOOOOOTTTTTTT up there when the sun is overhead. Going out in the morning is a possibility, but it’s wet from dew so it seems more precarious than I am comfortable with.

All in all it is going OK and I feel like I am at least learning how to do stuff. I still don’t really understand how I could repair already in-place shingles without just taking off everything going up to the roof line, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

More importantly, I’ve noticed that when I have something I want or need to do everyone else needs me as well. Work just seems to be more intense when I don’t want to be sitting at my computer, and when I am, it’s quiet as a mouse. I’ve been working on some side projects for work so that is what I was doing yesterday, and I think I only got one or two calls about stuff that was easy to fix. I guess i should just stay planted during the work day, that is what they are paying me for anyway :)