There was a time in my life when I got an email from Steam and was very excited that something on my wishlist was on sale. Usually I would just buy it right away, along with whatever else on my wishlist was on sale, and even chcekc the box to install the items and make a desktop shortcut. Most of these items never got launched then, and are still sitting in my library today unplayed and seemingly unloved. Sure, there are a few sweetheart titles that I just love and could go back and play anytime (I’m looking at you, Gunpoint), but for the most part my Steam catalog is just a mess of shit that looked interesting at the time, but no longer holds that interest.

Why do we do things like that? Just buy something knowning full well we will never use it? When I worked for Applus we would get into these kind of contests during Steam sales to see who could basically spend the most money. Buying stuff for ourselves, for eachother, whatever. We didn’t really keep a count per se, but that little Steam newsfeed for your profile would show what you bought so it was usually fairly easy to tell who won.

We do this in life too, for me it is often with tools. Sure, tools have a use they were designed for. Usually I would buy a tool I needed immediately, then into the box or the shed it would go never again to see the light of day. Occasionally you might find another use for that tool (e.g. use it as a hammer when it is the closest heavy thing), but typically they just sit there. Like games in my Steam library.