I was sitting in church and got to thinking about an analogy that seems to apply to my life. I feel like sometimes I am a muscle car with a big motor and a bunch of nice parts, but that just doesn’t start. You replace the battery, the starter, the alternator, and a bunch of other stuff, but the car still won’t start reliably. Sometimes you can start it and drive it for a few days, but then it will randomly just not start and will sit in the driveway for weeks on end until you decide to try it again and what do you know, it starts!

I feel this way about all of the various projects in my life. I’ve said this before but Jim Gaffigan is right; sometimes you just have so much to do the only thing that feels right is to take a nap. I worked on the porch this weekend a little and on the chicken house a little, but I didn’t really get anything DONE. Maybe that is the problem; I take on tons of projects and I make a little progress on each of them, but the finish line is so few and far between it seems like I will never get there.

What I NEED to do is just focus on one damn project and get it done. Unfortunately, in practice, this doesn’t always work out. Take the porch for example. I got the deck in, the uprights done, and even the cross-beams done. Now I need the rafters/trusses for the roof. I can either build or buy. I started working on them and someone mentioned a truss calculator. Then we spent all day on Saturday trying to calculate this shit and didn’t make any actual progress on it. This morning I found some good info that I might be able to put to use, but that project is at least a Saturday start so there is another whole week with no progress. Ugh.