As much as I like to say that I learn from my mistakes, it is very clear that I do not. I was playing Fallout last night and I decided to follow a different quest line. They said east, but for whatever reason I got confused and went west and ran into a bunker full of super mutants. LUCKILY, I saved right before talking to the super mutant that captured me and took all my stuff. I farted around in there for about an hour or so, and then I read about it. You need energy weapons and a fairly high level to be able to fight those mutants without armor on. Great. I reloaded my save and looked at the map, I had gone the wrong way.

I headed back in the other direction; south east. I fought a few battles, nothing to be concerned about. Then I got REALLY far east and ran into trouble and died. Unfortunately, I had not saved since I was at the super mutant bunker, so all of that progress was lost. Ugh. Gotta put it down for a while.

I went back to trying to work my way through the latest Nessus report. I am ashamed to have not known this, but to received Windows Server 2k8 update after the EOL you have to pay for them specifically. That was a nice two hours of my life applying a CU patch, rebooting, it failing, then rinse and repeat with the previous. I was able to get my two remaining 2k8 servers updated, but for what? Nessus alarms on them every day so there is really nothing else to be done other than get off my ass and retire them.

I have a few other clients who have this same problem. The older 2k8 servers perform some menial task (print server, file server, whatever) that I have just been too lazy to turn down. I really really really need to get this done. I think it has just been pure dumb luck (and my actual willingness to check and verify backups) that has kept anyone from getting owned so far.