The original Fallout game is probably one of the biggest inspirations in my life, and I have never beaten it. Hell, I don’t know that I have ever really gotten past the first part of the game where you leave the vault and reach Junktown (I think). Despite this, it remains one of my alltime favorite games. Why is that? Why such nostalgia for something that seemingly didn’t even mean enough to me to want to play it all the way through? Maybe this is just one of those unexplained mysteries that only really has one course of action available: PLAY THROUGH THE DAMN GAME!

Which is exactly what I am hoping to do. This game, which I own copies of on every platform it has been released one including GoG, Steam, the Atomic Edition or whatever, a big-box copy, torrents, and whatever else resides on the aging hard disks in my closet that I have yet to revisit because they are PATA and I no longer own an adapter. Maybe one day I will rectify that situation as well.

Fallout 3 is literally the reason I bought an Xbox 360 and a TV. That is probably, behind Final Fantasy VII and World of Warcraft, the game I have spent the most time in with Fallout: New Vegas being a close runner up. It is high time I stopped messing about and finally work my way through this series in the order the games were put out. Not super looking forward to Fallout: Tactics, but I’m sure I will grow to love it as much as the others. Right?