Saturdays are always a mess for me. If we don’t have anything planned beforehand, I go to bed with all these grand delusions of getting projects done and being productive. The reality, it seems, is quite different.

I basically always have 4 or 5 projects going on at once. None are super pressing or have immediate need, but they all do need to get done at some point. Mowing the law today was one of them, so was working on the deck out front. Instead of doing the big brain and working on the deck when it was in the shade and mowing after, I tried to do it the other way. Now the sun is beating directly down on the deck and it’s miserable out there.

I have resigned myself to not drinking today, that usually doesn’t help things. You would think that beer on a hot day would be good, but unfortunately some of us don’t typically stop at just one or two :) We’ll see how it goes, maybe I can make some sober progress out there after all.