Everything changes, it’s a fact of life. This alone does not make it easier to cope with these changes. For example, after recently finishing my degree I find myself with this almost hole in myself. Not that I had tons and tons of things to do for school, rather, it was the simple fact of alwayshaving something there. Again, not to say that I don’t have tons and tons of other stuff going on, quite the opposite. I dunno, it’s weird I guess.

One of my good friends plans to depart my night job and I guess I am having a tough time with it. He is the one who got me put on the full time shift, so I have a special affinity for him. I’ve never met him in person, and have only seen what he looks like one when we did a zoom meeting after being acquired. We chat fairly regularly, but don’t do anything outside of that. I still feel like there is another hole incoming I guess.

At least my day job never changes I guess. Everything and everyone just keeps going, almost on auto=pilot. I know that isn’t exactly true and the work that they do is incredibly complicated and varied, but I never see any of that really. All I ever see is such and such about a program not working, or the network being slow, or restoring files from a backup archive and things like that. Not that it is bad necessarily, there just isn’t much variety in it. Maybe that is the problem; not that I dislike or don’t want change, but that I do and I can’t recognize it.

Or maybe it is that I am crazy. Who knows.