So the first day of following some sort of a schedule went well. This is despite Adobe needing to be re-licensed on one (only one) of my Citrix servers, and a couple of other small issues, I was able to mostly complete my morning routine. This included drinking coffee and exercising, although only for 15 minutes as opposed to the scheduled 30 minutes but you have to take your wins where you get them.

My work life has always kind of been this way, so it is easy to see where this schedule could get railroaded easily. No matter, I must try and adhere to the schedule as steadfastly as possible (is that a word?). I need to go over my dissertation and send that to my advisor for approval still. I have 6 months from the time it was defended (successfully, I might add), to get it published to officially complete my degree. Until then, I will accept the lesser title of Zinc Saucier. Also, it comes with double prize money.