While my wrists have been hurting for a while now, trying to write with a purpose has exacerbated the condition to the point where I have to take breaks from typing now. I’ve never had to take breaks before, I’ve always just blasted out whatever I’m typing with a reckless abandon. Now, I find myself having to stop to think about what to type next, and just taking a little bit longer before getting back into it. My WASD Code v2 (Greens) keyboard just isn’t doing it for me anymore. Mechanical Keyboards DOT Com suggests that high best switch for pure typing is something called a “BOX White”, which I have never heard of before. Searching Amazon I found an MSI-branded keyabord that purports to have these switches, so I’ve ordered it. Hopefully it provides a much needed respite from the pain I have been feeling lately.

Oh, I have two of these WASD Code V2 (green switches) keyboards if you want one. I used to buy two keyboards; one for the office and one for home. Now that home is the office it saves me a bunch of money.