Time management has always been a tough subject for me. No matter what I do it seems there are more things to do in the day than I have time for; probably something everyone struggles with at one time or another. I have decided to try a stick to some type of a schedule, though I don’t have it all quite down yet. My day usually goes as follows:

9am Wake Up 9am-8pm Day Job (remote) 8pm-3am Night Job (remote) 3am-9am Sleep

The thing about working remotely so much is that I don’t always have things I have to be doing, so it lends itself to creative pursuits. Sometimes I play video games, but for the most part I just pine over projects I’ve either not finished or not started. So many ideas are swirling around in my head I feel like there is no good place to start. I think that is why Jim Gaffigan correctly made the statement “Do you ever have so much to do you just take a nap?” That is mean in a nutshell. My hope is that by more clearly defining what I should be doing in the day I can focus that energy a little better. Writing this is one of the things I want to do. I’ve started writing several books in my time, and the farthest I’ve gotten is about 10k words or so. My hope is that by trying to write something every day, I can eventually incorporate that into my routing and start getting things done.

I did have the idea a while back to make a game (yes, another one, this one would actually plan on being finished) where I would just make a straight down the line todo list.

  1. Write bare code to get a graphical window up
  2. Put a sprite on screen
  3. Move the sprite with the keyboard etc..

So perhaps if I can like, partition my time out enough so that maybe 3-3:30 PM I work on the game, maybe I can get down that list. Same with writing, I am hoping to spend ~30 minutes in the morning on writing. If I can form a habit maybe I can expand that. The way my work is structured I’ll need to have like 4 hour blocks of time just scheduled for “work”, wherein I’ll do work stuff and fuck off an such, but I think it would be good to be able to hit certain points in the day and change direction. Maybe it will keep me focused, lord knows I need something to help with that.