Citrix XenApp 7 Application Flashing Issue

During the deployment of a new Citrix XenApp 7 environment (Windows Server 2012 R2 for both VDA and StoreFront), there has been a strange issue that was nearly impossible to replicate. Sometimes users would call and say their applications were flashing back and forth with a black screen. Upon remoting into their machine I can see that is the case. The only fix I found to get them working again was to log them out and back in, which worked 100% of the time at the cost of them losing any unsaved work.

Making Plesk Slave DNS Extension Work with Debian 8

I have a Plesk server that I use for hosting some random clients and other websites, and I wanted to get the internal DNS working correctly. The instructions provided with the slave DNS extension do not work ( at least not with Debian 8 ). To get this working I needed to add their configuration stuff to the named.conf.local, change the long rndc key string to just rndc-key, and remove that long string from the keys array in the controls section.